Tuesday, August 17, 2004

August 13 Sneak Preview: Science and Politics

The guests for this episode, which was pre-recorded on July 23, were Dr. Kurt Gottfried, a founder of the Union of Concerned Scientists and science journalist Chris Mooney.

A searchable list of the signers to the UCS statement protesting the Bush administration's politicization of science can be found here. The statement itself can be found here.

The editorial "Bush-league Lysenkoism," published in the usually apolitical Scientific American can be found here.

More information on science, politics, and the Bush administration can be found here.

Several internet searches failed to uncover a single scientist who is publicly endorsing Bush for re-election. A Bush campaign spokesperson, originally contacted in mid-July, promised in phone calls and e-mails to send information on scientists who are so endorsing Bush for re-election, but so far has not provided that information. UPDATE: August 23, 2004: Danny Diaz, the Bush campaign spokesperson mentioned above, referred me to two scientists he said were publicly endorsing Bush for re-election, Dr. William Happer, a physicist from Princeton, and Dr. Charles Arntzen, a botanist at Arizona State University. Dr. Happer is a strong supporter of President Bush, although he also disagrees with the President's decision, made at the beginning of his term, to demote his science adviser to a non-Cabinet level position. Dr. Arntzen, in a phone conversation, said that he thought that criticism of Bush as being anti-science is overblown, although he added that he personally did not agree with a number of science policy decisions made under Bush's leadership either.

The Bush campaign's response to criticism of Bush's science policy, which was extensively quoted by Rachel during this interview, can be found here and here.


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